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"SWAP changes maladaptive behavioral and psychological patterns affecting sleep, thereby optimizing physical & mental health"
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About Us

SWAP offers a comprehensive patient centered approach to sleep/wake health.

We evaluate the co-morbid illnesses in patients with disordered sleep and the bidirectional relationship of these
illnesses with sleep. Rather than only evaluate one problem or organ system, our sleep medicine assessments evaluate the whole of our patients’ medical histories. Sleep-related health problems which we evaluate and consider in the comprehensive assessment of our patients include: cardiovascular, psychiatric, renal, endocrine, respiratory and rheumatologic disorders, as they relate to disordered sleep.

SWAP is a multi-disciplinary health promotion program which provides sleep/wake health education to patients to enhance compliance and encourage then to “SWAP” maladaptive behavioral and psychological patterns affecting sleep, thereby optimizing their physical and mental health.

We also offer in home portable (autoPAP) assessments for obstructive sleep apnea for patients, who are unable to attend overnight in clinic sleep studies.


Dr. Celeste Thirlwell B.Sc (neuro), MD, FRCPC

Dr. Celeste ThirlwellDr. Celeste Thirlwell is a neuropsychiatrist who has trained in sleep medicine, neurosurgery, psychiatry and neuroscience research.

She is Director of the Sleep Wake Awareness Program at the Centre for Sleep and Chronobiology.

She is a yoga teacher and inquiries into the nature of consciousness have been her lifelong passion. From her studies in western neuroscience medicine and eastern philosophy, she has come to the conclusion that restorative sleep is the cornerstone of good health.

By helping people to balance their sleep/wake cycle and attention to chronobiology, people are able to maintain good health. Dr. Thirlwell developed the “SWAP” to promote patient sleep and health.